Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hnnnn! This was a fun draw!
Why hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted at all something that wasn't some big project thing. Well, I was bouncing between rough times and doing lines of different pictures. And now that all the pictures lines are done and the hard times have passed... Its turned into a race to the finish with coloring! So I'll be pumping quite a few treats out this december until I finally open my commission list!

So enjoy! A commission by Sponty, of sponty, getting a tentacle all the way through!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holidays on HF, 2012.

Its Holiday collaboration porject time at HF, Here's my contrubution to Pantboy's Super Holiday Collab.

If by some odd reason you haven't seen the first 11, here are the links. I'll be adding more while more come out

-1st NinjaKitty
-2nd ChogoRi
-3rd Sienna
-4th Dwenda
-5th CupCake992
-6th StickyMon
-7th Maplemoon
-8th Triplehex
-9th Shia
-10th My_Pet_Tentacle_Monster
-11th Clumzor
-12th Oh snap!
-13th ???

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spehss Mahreens

A custom Chapter I drew yesterday while I had some free time. It's concept for a custom chapter in a Deathwatch Campaign me and my friends are playing.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little something-something while you all wait.

Here's some stuff that I'm gunna dump on you all. Also the Gallery is up to date.

Here is huge picture I did a month or two ago with all the key characters in a RP.
It takes place 1000 years or so after Rena Lendes and gang Link1 Link2 And Gang. World War I tech more or less. Magic, and fantasy elements.
Cast from Left to Right:
Alexia Busser. Royce McGregor. Emry Lorendell. Leonhardt Busser. Collin Howard. Lynette Landzdat. Isaac Gallant.

Emry and Lynn in the bath together.

Also, here's some older stuff I found of the first cast that I did when they were all grown up.

And some early concepts when they were young. All the girls got redrawn here -> Girls.

Old stuff.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chaea at it again

Sorry to keep you all waiting for something new. Here you are, enjoy this picture of Chaea, who appeared in the two Monochrome picture's I did a while back, and a short story by the comissioner.

Bong bong bong.  The sound of the three bells rung out, echoing through the empty, otherwise quiet streets of Stormwind.  The sound just barely made it to the private workshop where a very busy draenei was hard at work.  Nimble fingers worked within a metal casing, adusting and setting various gears and levers into place.  The workshop was barely lit by candlelight, but the draenei's whirring goggles provided a minor light source to see within her workspace.  Satisfied with her work, she smiled happily and closed the casing.  It was the moment of truth!  She flicked the lever that would set the gears in motion without a moment of hesistation.  It whirred magnificently for a few moments, broadening the draenei's smile.  However, she failed to notice the dark smoke that was billowing out of the sides of the casing.  Satisfied with her work, she pulled her goggles up to her forehead and sat back in her chair, eyes closed.  She was weary, but happy her little machine was working.  After a few moments she opened her eyes, and to her terror, the metal casing was ablaze.  She had to take a few moments to appreciate it though!  It was an entirely metal casing.  Somehow, she managed a conflagration!  She clapped happily, then jumped for cover, knowing exactly what was going to happen next.  The casing exploded shooting gears and metal bits in all directions.  She exhaled softly, and tossed her goggles to a nearby bench.  Oh well.The woman slowly stood back up, and leaned back against the bench with the remains of her eight and a half hour project.  She pulled her silver hair from it's ponytail, letting it cascade over her shoulders.  Despite her failure, she couldn't help but smile.  'Mm, Chaea can do it better, next time!'  Although it was only the wee hours of the morning and she had been working since the previous afternoon, she still was bubbling with energy.  She dropped her gaze to look down at herself.  Clad in an oil stained, loose fitting white linen tank top and grey cut-off shorts that stopped half-way down her thigh, she was in her element!  Busy at work, and her clothes showed it!  Her cleavage was slick from perspiration, as it was hot in that workshop.  Her thoughts began to wander now as she took in her own image.As her mind drifted, a distinct bulge formed in her shorts.  Before she even realized it, the grips of desire began to haze her mind over.  Unconsciously, her tail curled between her legs and gently began to grace over the thickening bump.  Chaea bit her lower lip as she realized what was happening.  Her left hand moved to the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down while wiggling her hips to scoot them down to her hooves and quickly kicked them away.  The thickening length was putting a great deal of strain on her undergarments.  If she didn't act soon, she'd rip right through them!  Her hand slid down her belly to gingerly grasp the base of her warm organ and pulled it free, letting it spring up from it's confines.  She let her panties fall down and carefully stroked down her entire length, feeling the texture of the now throbbing slab of draenei meat.  She shivered as she felt every vein, ridge, and the very crown of her cock stroked.  As she went to work, her free hand moved to the hem of her top and quickly pulled it over her head, releasing herself for only that brief moment before resuming her play.  Her plump bust was crowned with perked dark blue nipples now, as her entire body responded to her arousal.  She licked her lips and leaned back against the work table, lifting her right hand up to caress her breast, humming softly to herself.  Her humming was reduced to panting, moaning softly at the end of each breath.  She was close!After only a few more moments, a shudder ran through Chaea's entire being.  She had reached the point of no return, as her musky precum dripped from her swollen head.  As she chewed on her lower lip, her rhythmn picked up, working her blessing over.  Her grip remained firm as she jerked herself, body now radiating heat.  "Mmf...mmm...."  She closed her eyes, then let out a sharp gasp as she felt herself climax.  Her swollen balls twitched and her shaft thickened as her cumvein filled and inflated with her hot seed.  She arched her head back and let out long moan of sheer pleasure as she finally felt herself erupt.  A thick load of her steamy seed was ejaculated arching in the air and plastering her heaving breasts.  She kept stroking herself, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into the air.  She reveled in the sensation of feeling it splatter over her own body.  By the time she had come down from her orgasm, she was drenched in sweat and her own seed.  She took a moment to recover, but looked down at herself.  Cum was dripping from her tits, her thighs, shaft and balls...not to mention the mess she made on the floor, where it began to pool.  Her lips formed into a goofy little smile and she gave her cock one last stroke, expelling one last load, mostly over herself and sighed happily.  "Hee~...Chaea came~..."  she breathed to herself, admiring the mess she had made.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sketching, and WoW

Mostly sketching as of late. Been trying to make the last bit of money I need for rent by getting people their sketches. After that, I'll be pumping one picture out after another.

Oh yeah, and MoP. That's a thing. A thing that takes up time...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Futa Potion Fun!

Here we have a commission from the one and only GunnmX! AND its Cummy filled version!

His forsaken bombshell Nyzz is taking it in the ass triple anal style by Vemmy, Nanako, and Creah!
Hot damn.

Hope you all enjoy!

P.S. Sorry it wasn't a finished and posted as soon as I though.
New apartment stuff got in the way of workin.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uhnnn! Pew pew, new picture!

The Demon Infernis is normally a strong, independent beast, the ruler of a plane of the Abyss, a giant land of cogs and machines. Kairi, the wolf-demoness, is a free agent of sorts, merrily just going after whoever she wants and slamfucking the hell out of them. Generally speaking, Infernis always is always the dominant one in the relationship. However, though she tries to hide it, as so much as the sent of Mistress Kairi's dick she becomes a mewing cum-hungry hellkitty.

Kairi can be found at and Infernis at

Description written by the commissioner... So there. Now you have a juicy futa furry pic with also some leads to perhaps play with them yourselves.

Good to have the ball rolling again. I'll have another picture out here really soon. Within a day or so, so stick around.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Slow but steady progress!

So I've been working really hard since I got my computer up and running. Been running around emailing people. Moving into a new apartment, and also just trying to get everything back onto the right track.

I got some art projects that should be finished shortly, and I got a few more lined up after that.
I plan on opening my commissions soon, and probably doing a slight hike in prices's. I'm sorry, I know... But I have rent now, and as of right now, I'm not going to make it DX

So I'm in scramble/hyper draw mode at the moment... I also want to apologize to those that I never got to, that asked for a commission. I also want to apologize to the horde of those who continue to email me while my commission lists are closed. I can't do anything to help you besides listen to your ideas.
However! Keep an eye out everyone. Once my lists open back up, it will probably be for a day. It will obviously be first come first serve, but strictly a small list until the list reopens.

Hopefully we can get everyone their art, and everyone will be happy. So I'm going to have to continue asking for everyone's patience.

~ Uthstar01

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm back up and running!
I didn't get a data retrieval, however I do have a new and way better hard drive to work with now.
Shes a beauty for what I payed for.

Now... Let the artings begin!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Some of you might know that my Hard Drive died. If not, well now you know.
It's taken me quite a while to get it looked at. And finally, I have.
It's worse then I thought, and unfortunately, it's going to not only take all of what I have left to fix it, but I might of just lost all of my information.

I'll know soon if I've lost all my highrez' and pictures, and.. .well... everything...
So I apologize to everyone waiting for an update, and all of those who are still waiting in line to get their pictures, or waiting for theirs to be finished... I'm sorry, Its going to be a while longer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7 Months after my previous computer when up in smoke...

So I came home Sunday night and got on my computer... About an hour later, my hard drive slowly stops humming, and then gives me a nice little two buzzes, all while I was on my computer. My desktop was working, sorta, I could minimize and maximize opened programs, but not open new ones, or do anything in the already opened ones. So, I turned it off, and now when I restart it, it says... Boot Disk Failure, please insert system disk and press enter.

Seems like my hard drive with everything on it has decided to die for the most part... 


So I'm going to be trying to figure something out here... IF everything is gone... well... Fuck... If not, fuck by the gods, yes.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sexy Time Reading Material.

Check out MolassusMassacres newest installment of Nanako and friends, with his steamy vision and word smithing.

Really awesome and hot read.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For a good laugh with Nanako and Snow

Take a look at what LurkerGG did.

Oh, 99 bottles of beer on the-- ...wait.

Orc Butts! Delita's Vemmy, Ohsa (my orc that made her debut in the slave lineup), Shia's futa orc, and Max's Beastess! Hooo jesus!

Managed to pump this out while couch surffin. Hope everyone enjoys. Now that the ball's rolling, perhaps I can start posting regularly.

I wonder how they got stuck in that wall... And what the hell does a cucumber sailsman outfit look like?!

Commissioned by Pantboy678.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little update

Wanted to drop in and tell peeps whats up since its almost been a month since the last time I posted or said anything.
Still alive... Obviously. Still drawing too. Just been hopping back and fourth between some projects. Ones done, and I might post it in the future sometime.
Additionally, ones about to get finished, and that will go up ASAP. Next, I will be jumping between two more commish', one of which will also be posted once its done.

Umm, so I guess until then, keep an eye out.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gadgetzan Back Allies - Happy Birthday Gunnmx!

My birthday gift to a very good friend of mine, Gunnmx!

Show him some love!

Hes been supportive, helpful with my artwork, and all in all a really great guy to me. I wish him the best of birthday's today, and hope he gets the chance to relax and enjoy himself.

Have at her Gunn, the invitation is for you!

Rae was quite fun to draw honestly, and the whole time I was working on this, I was able to really dig deep into the bodacialicious side of my creativity. Perhaps one day I can use it at will instead of really pushing for it.

Anyway, UPDATE! I'm even more homeless then I was before. The gap of not posting is due to me now living off a couch... so, things are kinda rough for Uthstar right now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Atop Wyrmrest

This was a commissioned ordered a while back when the Onyxia's Revenge series was popular. I was happy to take another shot at this sexy couple of dragons. So, here we have em, Alexstrasza and Ysera! Enjoy.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So Blue, So Purple

Here's a Commission from Spike4072, and his Original Character whos name is ALSO Snow. (No relation) The colors in this picture are just like what the title suggests, maybe a little too much? Anyway, I took another shot at an internal shot of Nanako bustin a load, and I think It turned out pretty damn good. Enjoy, more to come!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diablo has stolen my soul! (Also new picture)

Here we have the Highelf Mage, Snow, my fictional World of Warcraft character thats Nanako's companion and lover. I decided to draw a while back a series of poses like I did for Nanako in the first picture I posted. Anyway, sorry for not keeping up with posting even though I'm still sitting on a few pictures. I've been like... pouring every waking moment into Diablo III, like most of you. (Its so awesome.) Anyway, Enjoy my plump little Snow, and be sure to stick around. I'll be posted those other pictures here soon in the days to come!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Here we have a part 2 of a commission. Despite already being posted by the commission somewhere else without me knowledge, like the first part... here it is for you guys. I hope you enjoy the commissioners Draenei Characters Seely and Chaea. (Additionally, some comments were made about the Seely's hand in the first picture, and it floating. I was aware of it while drawing. Jist never really felt like making it look like it was contacting anything. That being said, the hand in this picture thats above her head might look off to you... Cuz it looks off to me.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monochrome Doggiestyle

Here we have a part 1 of a commission. Despite already being posted by the commission somewhere else without me knowledge, here it is for you guys. I hope you enjoy the commissioners Draenei Characters Seely and Chaea.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dwarf Set Free!

WHOA! Another image followup from the Slave Lineup?! WHAT?! Dwarf and Nightelf tied in dead second excluding freebies. (bloodelf) HERE YEE ARE, Courtesy of Pantboy678, who commissioned all three! Pictures! Part.1 Part.2 Aww yeah... More pictures coming as the month of Uthstar passes! (note: Here I tried to mess around with the lining of my cum, and experimented with my old, "goopy" style. Looking for that perfect balance)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New things, and a Feature!

So, as some, if not all of you know by now that I'm the featured artist of the month and HF. Pretty damn cool if I say so myself. In addition, I was just in time, finishing an older piece that would now finally set my long chain of posts in motion! Here we go!
It's finished! And about time. I've been holding onto this thing for a while, trying to figure out a background. Finally, its done, the vote results of my previous picture The Troll Won by quite a bit, and like the picture promised, the Troll came with the Blood elf! Now, Its not like I haven't been working all this time, I got quite a bit for everyone, and will be posting it regularly over the next few weeks. SO, keep posted my fans, I got lots of goodies to share! (note: I'm doing some Cum experiments in the pictures to come, including this one. So you'll see some variation)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Damn... You World of Warcraft.

One of my friends was nice enough to buy me World of Warcraft time last week... Seeing how I've been holding out on you guys, drawing away, waiting to start a nice drip of pictures into the Internets and of course into your screens... Alas... Foiled by World of Warcraft, whos now taken all my time. Warcrack, Warsmack. WoW, being able to steal your soul or sustain you so you can sit at the computer longer... More or less if you've heard em all, its true for some people, even today, after the millions of subscription losses on Blizzards side. I had been Wow free, wanting to play for almost a month or two until last week. Now, I cant seem to focus. Even if I managed to pull myself away from its glorious cartoony and colorful world with my oh so sexy and strong Warrior, Nanako... I can't stop WAITING to stop and play... Scribbling away, trying to get people their pictures was hard enough without having WOW in the back of my mind... That being said, Work has been getting done, and now have moved to Lining two pictures. So, thats two more on the way, along with the others.
Nanako In game :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wish You Were Here

Happy birthday Pantboy! Hes my gift to my buddy Pantboy. I drew his babe if a Draenei Lisella, tied up and photographed by Nanako. I may do a afterparty version, where Nanako had her way with Lisella.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Steadily Working, BUT WHAT HAPPENED?!

SO... chipping away at the old block of commissions I have until I go back and take a look at whats next.
Honestly, there are so many waiting for commissions to reopen, or for me to get back to them, or simply have been lost in the sea of emails...
I dont really know who to contact next. (Well, I do, for the next few) but... I mean... Man...

So... I can asked those of you who've emailed me in the past that have GOTTEN a spot to email me again.

Other then that.. uh. Got few pictures sitting on the back burner, just waiting to be posted. Just waiting for a good time to start the steady drip of pictures. In the mean time, take a look at this.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kiss Kiss

Here's my side of mine and Mali6's trade!
I drew his lovely OC's Sophia (pink haired trap) and his curvy enchantress Vyn (Mature black haired babe)

Was a blast working with him and really would love to do so in the near future again.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Night in the Life

Here is my gift to the wonderful Sienna for her Birthday.
A joint project with Molassesmassacre and his story that you can read here

Its a little glimpse in Nanako's past, before she met Snow.
I managed to convince Sienna into some form of Canon, where Nanako and Jahlee were lovers for some time.

Enjoy the delicious words and the fine picture. Especially you Sienna.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Petite Lesaka

This is a Commission from Katrica of her Draenei character Lesaka

Yes those are scars. :P
And yes, Uthstar is drawing his Hooves for Draenei differently now.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

We've Got What You Need

Meanwhile, in the Trade District!

Here we have a lovely selection of Slaves to be bought!
Which one would you buy?

Is it the Orc, too vain to wear any armor or boots without heels on the battled field. She was an Easy catch after she twisted her ankle in those heels.

Is it the Slutty Troll, thats been with us for a while? We milk her dry of both her milk and mojo and sell them for great coin. But thats all shes really good for, unless you love huge slutty lewd tits.

Is it the Blood Elf priest thats fallen from grace, guzzling all our stock, drunk and addicted to the Trolls mojo? If so, you can have her free if you buy the Troll.

Is it the Night Elf? A tough one to catch, but fresh from the woodlands. Feisty and unbroken. Perhaps you would like to do the breaking? Train her to your needs?

Is it the Draenei? Able to hold an amazing amount of fluid with her stretched out womb, or stomach. Seriously, Let a Tauren go at her and find out!

Is it the Human? This little thing is spec'd into the sexy arcane arts of sex! Yeah, shes a sex mage. Summoning dicks from the nether to fuck her senseless. If thats no enough, perhaps you want her brain washed to follow your every command? She comes with a scroll for that!

Or, perhaps its this darling dwarf paladin. Her balls are swollen from days and days of teasing and no cumming. We've spent so much time and effort into plumping those fat balls, if you buy now, you can drench any gal here with her massive load. We really don't wanna miss our hard work in action.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friends with Benefits Part II

And here is the long awaited PART II of the Friends with Benefits trade I had with Sienna
Which, we recently got back in touch and are all broing it up.
Which in result has us doing another trade.

Look out for that, cuz she'll have her done pretty soon I imagine.

Anyway, I managed to get this thing done in between working on Pantboy678's newest commission, which is a biggen. HEY! I owned him $250 dollars for helping me with my new computer... so all you other peeps that are on the list... I dont see you payin... (that being said, dont pay me until I get you a sketch)

Anyway, back to work!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


A must see for anyone who loves Nanako and snow!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Slugbox! (late)

Here's my several day late birthday gift for my amazing bro Slugbox!
Here we have his two original characters Nellko and R.Blackriver aGoGo enjoying some deep Tentacle action.

So now that the birthday rush is over, I'll be getting back to doing Commissions. However, first up on the list (sorry to those who've been waiting) is Pantboy, since me and him have been collaborating for ages now, and he helped pay for my new computer after my old gal died not too long ago.
So, bare with me as afterwards, I'll be going down the list again.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going Down

Happy birthday Drgraevling!

Here, after setting the target for her orbital cannon, Alia Z jumps from the building, making her getta-way

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh Mommy!

Here's my gift for Bluegirl91's birthday! Happy birthday! (and sorry its a day late)

Nanako giving her mother, Meeya, a good fucking and creampie. :D

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Hizzy!

Happy birthday Hizzacked!

This is my gift to my dear friend Hizzacked. Shes been great a friend to me and a very motivating and helpful peer. I wish a her a happy and fun birthday and good health for the coming year! (Also, I am aware that this picture was just a little over 6 hours too late.)
This picture features her two OC demons Lux(right) and Zoe(left)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old files back on my new computer.

That means I can work again! And also relish in my new awesome fast computer while having all the great things about my old computer... which were only programs and files.
Funny thing, for those who are wondering. When I took apart my old computer to get out my harddrive and salvage the case, the power strip going from my PSU to my Motherboard was burnt, ports too! I had to muscle it out cus it was charred in its socket. Crazy stuff.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh no's!

So, some of you might know, but most of you didn't. My computer died around.... December 8th and had to share a computer until recently. So, drawing and just keeping up to date with everyone was tough.
But now! I got my new computer up and running and just getting up to date. So, new pictures are on the horizon!

Also, here's three that I forgot to post.
--Oh wait... Still working on getting my old files back. Alright... Here's three links!

On a side note, blogger wont let me make these clickable links for some reason... sorry about that.