Saturday, February 25, 2012

We've Got What You Need

Meanwhile, in the Trade District!

Here we have a lovely selection of Slaves to be bought!
Which one would you buy?

Is it the Orc, too vain to wear any armor or boots without heels on the battled field. She was an Easy catch after she twisted her ankle in those heels.

Is it the Slutty Troll, thats been with us for a while? We milk her dry of both her milk and mojo and sell them for great coin. But thats all shes really good for, unless you love huge slutty lewd tits.

Is it the Blood Elf priest thats fallen from grace, guzzling all our stock, drunk and addicted to the Trolls mojo? If so, you can have her free if you buy the Troll.

Is it the Night Elf? A tough one to catch, but fresh from the woodlands. Feisty and unbroken. Perhaps you would like to do the breaking? Train her to your needs?

Is it the Draenei? Able to hold an amazing amount of fluid with her stretched out womb, or stomach. Seriously, Let a Tauren go at her and find out!

Is it the Human? This little thing is spec'd into the sexy arcane arts of sex! Yeah, shes a sex mage. Summoning dicks from the nether to fuck her senseless. If thats no enough, perhaps you want her brain washed to follow your every command? She comes with a scroll for that!

Or, perhaps its this darling dwarf paladin. Her balls are swollen from days and days of teasing and no cumming. We've spent so much time and effort into plumping those fat balls, if you buy now, you can drench any gal here with her massive load. We really don't wanna miss our hard work in action.

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