Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nanako Dakimakura

Can't wait till this get's printed. It's so going up on my wall. I hope the resizing didn't ruin anything, damn not only was this too big to post anywhere else, but also kinda too big for viewing normally. Enjoy.

Also, Happy birthday to the awesome guy who commissioned Nanako. :D

*Edit* For some reason, they're allot more lower resolution then what they're suppose to be... Hmm...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some posts and some ponderings.

SO! First. The posts, since I know you all are looking forward to the juicy bits.

Faustsketcher's OC. Naomi. Cute little loli... I think?

Princess Peach. Yum!

Sorry, no juicy bits per say. Pretty tame as you can see. BUT!... Juicy bits are coming.
That being said, I'm having trouble on deciding how I'm going to post my Dakimakura I was commissioned to work on. It's HUGE!... And the resize on HF would totally destroy it...

So, I guess I'll probably end up posting it here, and then posting a link on HF or something... Anyway...
Look for that in the coming days.

Also, don't forget to see if I'm livestreaming at any given time. I post a notification/add picture on HF when I'm doing so, so get on that and come join the fun, and get the real juicy-juicy bits!