Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nanako Dakimakura

Can't wait till this get's printed. It's so going up on my wall. I hope the resizing didn't ruin anything, damn not only was this too big to post anywhere else, but also kinda too big for viewing normally. Enjoy.

Also, Happy birthday to the awesome guy who commissioned Nanako. :D

*Edit* For some reason, they're allot more lower resolution then what they're suppose to be... Hmm...


  1. It's no big surprise that this is absolutely beautiful work, Uthstar. You've outdone yourself on so many levels!

    As far as the resolution issue is concerned, why not use a 3rd party uploader to host the image and you just post a direct link? I do it all the time on my blog!

  2. Use imgur, imgbox..anything

    I wanna see that blue woman up close and personal!

  3. Will we ever see her balls? =)

    1. she does not have balls... as far as I know anyway.

  4. I think the story goes, that she can summon both a dick and balls at will. But having balls would impregnate her partners.

    Well, something like that anyway :D

  5. Those are the most erotic and sexy and amazingly awesome and damn hot images of Nanako ever seen so far! The details, the pose, her facial expression, so stunningly beautiful! I really hope that you'll provide print-sized versions of those images, I'd definitely print them on door-sized wall scrolls. Great work! :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Awesome work! Really high quality art Uth the C*mbringer.

    I want one as well for my OC! When do your commissions open up again?

  8. Excellent art work, glad I stumbled across your blog!

  9. How much would it cost to get a body pillow with these prints? o.o

  10. I have only three questions:
    1. Any idea of the price if you're willing to sell it?

    2. And then for a lifesize RealDoll from Abyss Creations?
    (would be a nice thing if they would do such requests...)

    3. What's the original size of the pictures?


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  12. I agree with dawn. I think Nanako is so incredibly beautiful and sexy,I like her a lotand I wish I had one as well.you're an amazing artist

  13. You should try posting the original resolution on goodfon.com

  14. Mr uthstar is there any way of getting a print resolution of this so i can print one out?

  15. You should lease company this i would totally buy it ^^.
    I was considering to buy Dakimakura pillow sadly couldn't find a Draenei pillow case