Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7 Months after my previous computer when up in smoke...

So I came home Sunday night and got on my computer... About an hour later, my hard drive slowly stops humming, and then gives me a nice little two buzzes, all while I was on my computer. My desktop was working, sorta, I could minimize and maximize opened programs, but not open new ones, or do anything in the already opened ones. So, I turned it off, and now when I restart it, it says... Boot Disk Failure, please insert system disk and press enter.

Seems like my hard drive with everything on it has decided to die for the most part... 


So I'm going to be trying to figure something out here... IF everything is gone... well... Fuck... If not, fuck by the gods, yes.


  1. Oh damn, that really sucks. I wish I had the know-how to help. :(

  2. Ahhh... and I was wondering what happend to you! :(
    Hope everything sorts out and will work soon again! :(

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about your computer, Uthstar. Fear not! All may not be lost!

    I dabble in computer repair, specifically desktops. Here's a few things I would try before throwing your fist to the heavens:

    If you have another desktop, plug the bad HDD into an available SATA port and turn on the PC. If everything goes right, you'll go to desktop (the okay computer's hard drive desktop). Go to My Computer and see if it recognizes your corrupt hard drive. If so, fantastic! Buy a new hard drive and download a hard drive cloner (there's plenty of free ones out there). Install the cloner, install the new hard drive, and clone the corrupt drive's data onto the new one.

    Now you have a new hard drive with all the old data. If it was a hardware problem, you should be good.

    If your computer doesn't recognize it, I'll think of some other things that may help you out.

    Best of luck!

    1. An afterthought:

      Don't waste money on a Samsung, Hitachi, or Seagate hard drive, ESPECIALLY Seagate. Get a Western Digital and you'll be happy for years to come.

      Also, curiousity...is your computer a store-bought PC or a custom-built, either from a website or magazine?

    2. Seagate is good when you buy the high quality ones, the cheaper range of products are in fact Maxtor drives since they bought them a few years ago, but otherwise I've never had any problem with my seagate drives. Samsung and Hitachi die quite quickly though.

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    4. hmm, it messed up my command line
      robocopy OldDrivePath NewDrivePath /E
      builtin to Windows 7 ;)

  4. Just a tip to try saving your data briefly : When a hard drive dies like this, try putting it in your freezer for one or two hours (in a watertight bag to make sure no humidity reaches it) and after that, plug it back to your computer, sometimes it boots and works for a few minutes, try saving as much data as you can before it dies for good after that ! (already did it a few times, it works every now and then)