Sunday, August 12, 2012


Some of you might know that my Hard Drive died. If not, well now you know.
It's taken me quite a while to get it looked at. And finally, I have.
It's worse then I thought, and unfortunately, it's going to not only take all of what I have left to fix it, but I might of just lost all of my information.

I'll know soon if I've lost all my highrez' and pictures, and.. .well... everything...
So I apologize to everyone waiting for an update, and all of those who are still waiting in line to get their pictures, or waiting for theirs to be finished... I'm sorry, Its going to be a while longer.


  1. Is this what a technician at a store told you, or did someone you know personally tell you this? I used to work for a store that did computer repairs and I know for fact that the guys would invent problems for customers because that's what our company told them to do unofficially. It was the only way to meet the outrageous quotas corporate set for the technicians. Just remember that most the time technicians are serving the company's best interest, even if they don't want to.

    Computer problems or hardware malfunctions typically do not affect the whole computer, and replacement components (though you may have to sacrifice performance) are cheap when you purchase online and install it yourself. A quick google search on how to install a particular component will have you finished in no more than a few hours tops and at no extra cost to you.

    I think I mentioned this in your last post, but I'll say it regardless.

    If you buy another computer, do NOT buy store-bought garbage. They are double the price for half the computer, and it's loaded with bullshit you don't need. Do yourself a favor and grab a magazine or watch tutorials online on how to build a computer. Mine has lasted 8 years with only 2 hardware malfunctions in that time.

    I'll get off my soapbox, but I bope the best for you, and remember whose best interest most in-store computer technicians are serving.

    1. No, actually. I had taken it to my friend's who helped me build it and we tried a few things to determine the extent of the damage to my hard drive.

      So, all I really need to get is a new harddrive, and start back over with all my drawings. I have a few works in progress saved in my Email, but everything is gone.

      I also have someone who will attempt a data salvage, however he suspects that it might be too late and there might not be anything he can do.

    2. Good! It's great to have someone with the knowledge you can trust work on it. I've seen too many cases of people screwed over by companies for these things, and I'd hate to see it happen to anyone else now that I'm out of that cutthroat game.

      I do hope you the best of luck with your computer, Uthstar!

      Also, since you've been told the worst, I would honestly give Zeekt's suggestion a shot if data recovery proves fruitless. Many electronics fail due to heat dissipation issues, so keeping it alive with a nice bit of cold might shock it back alive long enough for retrieval. I would even go so far as to say run a USB cable from the freezer containing your HDD to another mass storage device to retrieve it. Keeping a nice seal on the freezer door (leaning against it...super high-tech) would help at least a little with condensation issues that will definitely ruin your hard drive.

      In the otherhand, his suggestion to run a linux OS is generally a tried-and-true recovery method. I've seen a computer technician where I currently work recover good chunks of personal data from otherwise bricked HDD's using a thumb drive and TinyLinux. (Tiny Linux website)

      This is a version of Linux that can fit on standard flash drives and still give you the functionality you would need to get all your stuff back.

      With the suggestion that Zeetkt gave, I would imagine you could get back the biggest portion of your data!

      Regardless, I wish the best!

  2. Aside from keeping daily backups of your work (you can find decent drives online for under 100 dollars that should suit you just fine, the statistical chance of two drives failing prior to being able to replace one is essentially non-existant) data recovery is not worth the money, often times costing over 500 dollars per drive, even with "professional" services it is not a 100% guarantee that all your data can be reliably salvaged, especially if you were using a raid array, any chance is pretty much out the window.

    They will also generally charge you a flat fee regardless of whether or not they are able to get the data off the drive, so keep that in mind if you consider the contents of the drive are worth the fee.

  3. You really should try my trick about the freezer to get your data back, it often works. Otherwise, you can run your computer grom a flash USB drive with a Linux distribution, it can be cheaper and a solution before having enough money to buy a hard drive.

    Anyway, much more important, take care about yourself first, we can wait for your art, your life is more important than our appetite for nice drawings ! :)