Sunday, April 15, 2012

Damn... You World of Warcraft.

One of my friends was nice enough to buy me World of Warcraft time last week... Seeing how I've been holding out on you guys, drawing away, waiting to start a nice drip of pictures into the Internets and of course into your screens... Alas... Foiled by World of Warcraft, whos now taken all my time. Warcrack, Warsmack. WoW, being able to steal your soul or sustain you so you can sit at the computer longer... More or less if you've heard em all, its true for some people, even today, after the millions of subscription losses on Blizzards side. I had been Wow free, wanting to play for almost a month or two until last week. Now, I cant seem to focus. Even if I managed to pull myself away from its glorious cartoony and colorful world with my oh so sexy and strong Warrior, Nanako... I can't stop WAITING to stop and play... Scribbling away, trying to get people their pictures was hard enough without having WOW in the back of my mind... That being said, Work has been getting done, and now have moved to Lining two pictures. So, thats two more on the way, along with the others.
Nanako In game :D


  1. "Huh. Well, seems like he's really enjoying it, at least. Hmm. That reminds me, I wonder if I can still even get into my account? I haven't updated the authenticator app on my iPod in months. Would it even still work? Oh, hey look at that. It does. I wonder when the last time I played WoW was? Oh, wow. January of last year. It's been a while. What's this thing? Referrals and Rewards? Huh. Well, it's not like I'm ever going to go back to WoW, but I may as well look at it. Oh... Oh, wow. I get a character bumped to level 80 if I get someone to send me this invite thing? That's kind of cool, actually... I'll bet [friend] could send me one. Not that I would do that. I'm done with WoW. Over it. Never gonna play again."


    A few hours later I was in Azuremyst with a new shaman. Funny how that works.

    1. Trufax.

      That being said, I played conservatively ever since vanilla release... So I have plenty of content and classes to get to.

      In other words, the only time I got burnt out was playing my main for days on end.

      I feel sorry for those who's done everything and are sick if this really fun game. I mean, really, the games fun, and wonderfully crafted in most parts. Only reason people "hate" wow is because they've done everything, or had bad experiences.

  2. Well... I think that there are probably other valid reasons that people might dislike WoW, but otherwise, yeah. Agreed. Despite the fact that, aside from the past year, I've played WoW pretty much non-stop since launch there's still stuff that I haven't seen yet. Hell, I've only ever gotten one class (hunter) to the level cap.

    WoW is probably the best MMO I've played, and I've played quite a few. (9, unless I'm forgetting any.) It's gotten to the point where I've started using WoW as a standard to measure other MMOs against. Nothing has lived up to it so far, honestly. There are some MMOs that I love because of, say, the game world and the feel of the game (City of Heroes,) but WoW is always the one I end up coming back to. TOR came the closest to WoW for me, but I got burnt out on it fast. Judging by reactions I've seen from other people, I'm not the only one.

    It also helps that Blizzard is doing these marketing gimmicks. The free bump to 80 with the scroll of resurrection dealie really was what convinced me to come back when it comes down to it.

    Erk. That turned out really long for what was going to be nothing more than a "Yup. I agree." post. Probably has something to do with this pile of homework I've got sitting next to me. Everything else becomes far more interesting when you've got shit to do.