Thursday, May 3, 2012

New things, and a Feature!

So, as some, if not all of you know by now that I'm the featured artist of the month and HF. Pretty damn cool if I say so myself. In addition, I was just in time, finishing an older piece that would now finally set my long chain of posts in motion! Here we go!
It's finished! And about time. I've been holding onto this thing for a while, trying to figure out a background. Finally, its done, the vote results of my previous picture The Troll Won by quite a bit, and like the picture promised, the Troll came with the Blood elf! Now, Its not like I haven't been working all this time, I got quite a bit for everyone, and will be posting it regularly over the next few weeks. SO, keep posted my fans, I got lots of goodies to share! (note: I'm doing some Cum experiments in the pictures to come, including this one. So you'll see some variation)

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