Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gadgetzan Back Allies - Happy Birthday Gunnmx!

My birthday gift to a very good friend of mine, Gunnmx!

Show him some love!

Hes been supportive, helpful with my artwork, and all in all a really great guy to me. I wish him the best of birthday's today, and hope he gets the chance to relax and enjoy himself.

Have at her Gunn, the invitation is for you!

Rae was quite fun to draw honestly, and the whole time I was working on this, I was able to really dig deep into the bodacialicious side of my creativity. Perhaps one day I can use it at will instead of really pushing for it.

Anyway, UPDATE! I'm even more homeless then I was before. The gap of not posting is due to me now living off a couch... so, things are kinda rough for Uthstar right now.

1 comment:

  1. Real nice picture.

    Hope you get better accommodations in the near future - it's always nice seeing an update from you!