Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little something-something while you all wait.

Here's some stuff that I'm gunna dump on you all. Also the Gallery is up to date.

Here is huge picture I did a month or two ago with all the key characters in a RP.
It takes place 1000 years or so after Rena Lendes and gang Link1 Link2 And Gang. World War I tech more or less. Magic, and fantasy elements.
Cast from Left to Right:
Alexia Busser. Royce McGregor. Emry Lorendell. Leonhardt Busser. Collin Howard. Lynette Landzdat. Isaac Gallant.

Emry and Lynn in the bath together.

Also, here's some older stuff I found of the first cast that I did when they were all grown up.

And some early concepts when they were young. All the girls got redrawn here -> Girls.

Old stuff.

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