Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chaea at it again

Sorry to keep you all waiting for something new. Here you are, enjoy this picture of Chaea, who appeared in the two Monochrome picture's I did a while back, and a short story by the comissioner.

Bong bong bong.  The sound of the three bells rung out, echoing through the empty, otherwise quiet streets of Stormwind.  The sound just barely made it to the private workshop where a very busy draenei was hard at work.  Nimble fingers worked within a metal casing, adusting and setting various gears and levers into place.  The workshop was barely lit by candlelight, but the draenei's whirring goggles provided a minor light source to see within her workspace.  Satisfied with her work, she smiled happily and closed the casing.  It was the moment of truth!  She flicked the lever that would set the gears in motion without a moment of hesistation.  It whirred magnificently for a few moments, broadening the draenei's smile.  However, she failed to notice the dark smoke that was billowing out of the sides of the casing.  Satisfied with her work, she pulled her goggles up to her forehead and sat back in her chair, eyes closed.  She was weary, but happy her little machine was working.  After a few moments she opened her eyes, and to her terror, the metal casing was ablaze.  She had to take a few moments to appreciate it though!  It was an entirely metal casing.  Somehow, she managed a conflagration!  She clapped happily, then jumped for cover, knowing exactly what was going to happen next.  The casing exploded shooting gears and metal bits in all directions.  She exhaled softly, and tossed her goggles to a nearby bench.  Oh well.The woman slowly stood back up, and leaned back against the bench with the remains of her eight and a half hour project.  She pulled her silver hair from it's ponytail, letting it cascade over her shoulders.  Despite her failure, she couldn't help but smile.  'Mm, Chaea can do it better, next time!'  Although it was only the wee hours of the morning and she had been working since the previous afternoon, she still was bubbling with energy.  She dropped her gaze to look down at herself.  Clad in an oil stained, loose fitting white linen tank top and grey cut-off shorts that stopped half-way down her thigh, she was in her element!  Busy at work, and her clothes showed it!  Her cleavage was slick from perspiration, as it was hot in that workshop.  Her thoughts began to wander now as she took in her own image.As her mind drifted, a distinct bulge formed in her shorts.  Before she even realized it, the grips of desire began to haze her mind over.  Unconsciously, her tail curled between her legs and gently began to grace over the thickening bump.  Chaea bit her lower lip as she realized what was happening.  Her left hand moved to the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down while wiggling her hips to scoot them down to her hooves and quickly kicked them away.  The thickening length was putting a great deal of strain on her undergarments.  If she didn't act soon, she'd rip right through them!  Her hand slid down her belly to gingerly grasp the base of her warm organ and pulled it free, letting it spring up from it's confines.  She let her panties fall down and carefully stroked down her entire length, feeling the texture of the now throbbing slab of draenei meat.  She shivered as she felt every vein, ridge, and the very crown of her cock stroked.  As she went to work, her free hand moved to the hem of her top and quickly pulled it over her head, releasing herself for only that brief moment before resuming her play.  Her plump bust was crowned with perked dark blue nipples now, as her entire body responded to her arousal.  She licked her lips and leaned back against the work table, lifting her right hand up to caress her breast, humming softly to herself.  Her humming was reduced to panting, moaning softly at the end of each breath.  She was close!After only a few more moments, a shudder ran through Chaea's entire being.  She had reached the point of no return, as her musky precum dripped from her swollen head.  As she chewed on her lower lip, her rhythmn picked up, working her blessing over.  Her grip remained firm as she jerked herself, body now radiating heat.  "Mmf...mmm...."  She closed her eyes, then let out a sharp gasp as she felt herself climax.  Her swollen balls twitched and her shaft thickened as her cumvein filled and inflated with her hot seed.  She arched her head back and let out long moan of sheer pleasure as she finally felt herself erupt.  A thick load of her steamy seed was ejaculated arching in the air and plastering her heaving breasts.  She kept stroking herself, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into the air.  She reveled in the sensation of feeling it splatter over her own body.  By the time she had come down from her orgasm, she was drenched in sweat and her own seed.  She took a moment to recover, but looked down at herself.  Cum was dripping from her tits, her thighs, shaft and balls...not to mention the mess she made on the floor, where it began to pool.  Her lips formed into a goofy little smile and she gave her cock one last stroke, expelling one last load, mostly over herself and sighed happily.  "Hee~...Chaea came~..."  she breathed to herself, admiring the mess she had made.


  1. It's a truly glorious thing to see you at it again, Uthstar! Fantastic work on another beautiful girl!

    I really, really need to commission you for something soon. *drool*

    Thanks, Uthstar! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I like both the picture and the story, however i just have to tell you that it is a real chore to read!
    I don't see any paragraphs or pauses and I have difficulty trying to maintain my place in the text.
    Other then that, they are both great!