Friday, July 12, 2013

G4E Fanart!

Fanart for my buddy Miro, the creator of Girlfriends 4 Ever over at Affect3D

Everyone seemed really disappointed when I said that I wouldn't have time to participate in the competion by drawing some fanart.

So, I felt bad and succumbed to wanting to help my buddy out and promote his incredible piece of 3DX history and drew some fanart.

However, I didn't want to participate in the contest, and made sure I kept this on the back burner until after the contest was over. This is
purely for mine, and all of your enjoyment... and ofcourse, and most importantly, Miro's enjoyment.



  1. Where Would I find stories of of your characters?

    1. Well once they are please tell me. I'm a fan of your art and the characters you draw. Thanks

  2. I can see why you waited. You would've won.

  3. Nice to meet you!
    What anime-style Japanese somehow the atmosphere of illustrations is wonderful ♪