Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Passionate blueberry with sweet white tea.

This was a small part of Zangetsu0, aka Stalgondo's Commission.
Nanako and Snow, snuggling, about ready to passionate kiss, all the while Snow being pregnant in late term with Nanako's baby.
And now for a lactating version.

And for those of you who don't enjoy prego stuff, here's my personal favorite, the Cum Inflation version.
And now for the lactating version.


  1. It's fantastic to see you back at it once more, Uthstar.

    Awesome work...no big surprise, there!

  2. I awesome your one my favorite
    specially how make elfs just love elfs ^^.
    And your draenei's look so cute hot. Thanks :)

  3. Вы не перестаёте нас радовать, очень красивые рисунки! Большое спасибо.