Friday, October 7, 2011

Progress? Whats going on Uthstar? What are you working on?

I'm so totally working on my buddy Eggplants trade. Like, yeah.
Its totally totally hot, and full of demon bomb-bustyness and fat pussies. Oh, did I mention its a pornographic pic?

Next up is my good buddy Pantboy678's commission. You'll all love this one if you love futanari.

Aside from my futa filled porn, I got some neat idea's brewing up in my head, and looking forward to working on them.
Like, I got this Gundam RP/Story I'm working on with a friend that takes place in the UC universe. So I'll be drawing gundam's and shit. That might be cool.
I got another rp set in a Japanese highschool setting, which I already have 2 pics up for. I plan on doing more with that and drawing the rest of the characters and some more scenes and what not too. Not to mention, I also want to draw some hentai of it. Mhmmm... Lesbians.
And then there's fan art I wanna do from my favorite video games. Like Castlevania, I got a few pictures in the works with that too. Not to mention I'd like to get some more fantasy works done.

Lastly, now that my current trades are coming to an end and my commissions are coming up, I'll be opening my commissions again. I have an ass load of people waiting in line, and honestly, its going to take a while to find you all and get back to you again. So if you know who you are, gimme a holler.
I'll be updating my prices here shortly, so if they're in your range, lets get some awesome art done! Kay?

Anyway. I'll keep ya'll posted.
OH YEAH! *posts a picture*
Tell me what you all think about the color selection and design. Wouldn't mind taking some advice either. Keep in mind, its in the UC universe and has realistic tech. (Yeah, that's right, I'm pointing at all those butterfly laser wings, shining fingers, and homing rainbow-laser-transam-stuff-things)

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